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DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial community project! Do not confuse it with the vanilla Ansible product!


This project still in early development! DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION!

1 - Intro


There are multiple Ansible WebUI products - how do they compare to this product?

  • Ansible AWX / Ansible Automation Platform

    If you want an enterprise-grade solution - you might want to use these official products.

    They have many neat features and are designed to run in containerized & scalable environments.

    The actual enterprise solution named ‘Ansible Automation Platform’ can be pretty expensive.

  • Ansible Semaphore

    Semaphore is a pretty lightweight WebUI for Ansible.

    It is a single binary and built from Golang (backend) and Node.js/Vue.js (frontend).

    Ansible job execution is done using custom implementation.

    The project is managed by a single maintainer and has some issues. It seems to develop in the direction of large-scale containerized deployments.

    The ‘Ansible-WebUI’ project was inspired by Semaphore.

  • This project

    It is built to be lightweight.

    As Ansible already requires Python3 - I chose it as primary language.

    The backend stack is built of gunicorn and the frontend consists of Django templates and vanilla JS/jQuery.

    Ansible job execution is done using the official ansible-runner library!

    Target users are small to medium businesses and Ansible users which just want a UI to run their playbooks.