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DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial community project! Do not confuse it with the vanilla Ansible product!


This project still in early development! DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION!


You can define global and user credentials.

The saved credential secrets are never returned to the user/Web-UI! They are saved encrypted to the database!

The UI at Jobs - Credentials allows you to manage them.


Global Credentials

Global credentials can be used for scheduled job executions.

Users that are members of the AW Credentials Managers group are able to create and manage global credentials.

Access to global credentials can be controlled using permissions.


User Credentials

User credential can only be used and accessed by the user that created them.

Jobs that are executed by an user will use: (if the job is set to need credentials)

  • the user-credentials matching the jobs credential category

  • or the first user-credentials found as a fallback in case no other credentials were provided/configured


You can define if a job needs credentials to run in its settings: