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DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial community project! Do not confuse it with the vanilla Ansible product!


This project still in early development! DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION!


By default the static Repository set by AW_PATH_PLAY is used.

You are able to create multiple Repositories that act as Ansible-Playbook base-directories.



Absolute path to an existing local static directory that contains your playbook directory structure.


Git repositories are also supported.

They can either be updated at execution or completely re-created (isolated).

The timeout for any single git-command is 5min.

Override commands

If you have some special environment or want to tweak the way your repository is cloned - you can override the default git-commands!

Default commands:


git clone --branch ${BRANCH} (--depth ${DEPTH}) ${ORIGIN}
# if LFS is enabled
git lfs fetch
git lfs checkout


git reset --hard
git pull (--depth ${DEPTH})
# if LFS is enabled
git lfs fetch
git lfs checkout

Hook commands

You are able to run some hook-commands before and after updating the repository.

If you want to run multiple ones - they need to be comma-separated.

These hooks will not be processed if you override the actual create/update command.

Clone via SSH

You can specify which known_hosts file AW should use using the System config!

You are able to append the port to the origin string like so: git@git.intern -p1337

The SSH-key configured in the linked credentials will be used.